AVX polymer capacitor
TCJ series
T case


Brand: AVX
Series: TCJ - Conductive Polymer Solid Electrolytic Chip Capacitors
MPN: TCJT476M006R0080
Spec.: TAN.CAP 47U/6.3V  T-CASE ± 20%
Size: L:3.5mm W:2.8mm H:1.2mm
Working temperature: 105°C
RoHS status: ROHS
Standard package: 2500 PCS/REEL


AVX surface mount polymer capacitor TCJ series provides the industry highest rated voltage polymer up to 125°C, suitable for applications up to 125V.
These capacitors have low ESR features for general use in commercial, industrial, networking and other applications.
This series provides 18 SMD cases size with industry standard J-lead termination, maximum operating temperature up to 125°C.
The standard derating rules for polymer capacitors are 10% for low-voltage products and 20% for high-voltage products.
The Conductive polymer electrodes exhibit a benign failure mode under the recommended use conditions.
Lead-free and halogen-free in compliance with RoHS requirements.

Product Feature
  • Conductive polymer electrode
  • Benign failure mode under recommended use conditions
  • Lower ESR
  • 3x reflow 260°C Compatible
  • After 100% surge current tested
  • Capacitance/voltage range: 0.47-470μF/ 2.5-125V
  • 18 sizes available
Product Application
  • Smartphone
  • Tablets
  • Notebook
  • LCD TV
  • Power supplies