About Us

About Us

Lion Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 as a professional distributor of imported capacitors. The main business items are the sales of passive electronic components from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, such as: tantalum capacitors, multilayer capacitors, high capacitance capacitors, high voltage capacitors, transistors, diodes, inductors, current limiters, resistors and other products. At this stage, the main customer groups are mostly computer PC and wireless communications related industries at home and abroad.

The owner of the business, Mr. Su Beishan, has always adhered to professional management and has an excellent team to enable the company to maintain stable growth. In terms of revenue for the whole year of last year, thanks to my staff for their hard work and set a new record, and hope that the company will continue to grow at a rate of 15% to 20% each year in the future. In terms of trade scope, in addition to the pan-Asian region that has been cultivated for many years, it must further extend its reach to the world. Recently, in order to achieve the goal of expanding the global business market, Lion moved its headquarter to a more spacious office environment and added more complete equipment. I believe that this "people-oriented" business management model will unite the centripetal force of colleagues and create brighter results.

In terms of future operation and management, Lion will take the integration of passive components as the trend and liberalize global trade to achieve the goal that customers can purchase all the products they need at one time.

Corporate values

The company and all employees have always taken due diligence as the ethics, and fully fulfilled their mission: The company advocates operating in accordance with the law, strictly abiding by regulations, and efficient operation, and fulfills the responsibility of giving back to the society, serving customers, returning shareholders, and promoting employee growth. All employees uphold an honest and serious attitude, are responsible for their work, for the company, for customers and partners, and adhere to the highest standards of business ethics as their work philosophy.

Emphasize team spirit

In a harmonious atmosphere, give full play to personal expertise, and work together to achieve goals through a division of labor and mutual assistance.

Expand target knowledge

Support innovative ideas, break out of established old ideas, and set new goals with multiple thinking modes.

Enhance corporate competitiveness

Cultivate foresight, develop corporate vitality, and lead employees to realize their work value.

Strictly abide by credit and morality

Practice fairness and reasonableness, establish business reputation, and abide by the highest standards of business ethics.

Fulfill social obligations

Contribute social wealth, improve living standards, and fulfill corporate citizenship by creating corporate value.


Company Vision
Create value 。 Create customer value 。 Create employee value 。 Create shareholder value 。 Create company value 。 Create new value