AVX Tantalum capacitor
F95 series
T case


Series : F95
MPN : F950G227MTAAQ2
Spec. : TAN.CAP 220U/4V T-CASE ± 20%
SIZE : L:3.5mm W:2.7mm H:1.0mm
Working temperature: -55°C to +125°C
Termination Style : SMT / SMD
RoHS Status : ROHS
Standard package : 2500 PCS/REEL


AVX F95 solid tantalum capacitors are conformal coated chip capacitors that are compliant to the RoHS3 2015/863/EU directive.
The frameless feature allows a larger amount of capacitance to be accommodated in a smaller case in order to save board space.
AVX F95 series solid tantalum capacitors are available with capacitance values from 1µF to 470µF in 4V, 6.3V, 10V, 16V, 20V, 25V, 35V and 50V.
These capacitors provide ESR (@100kHz)from 0.4Ω to 15.0Ω.
AVX F95 solid tantalum capacitors are used in smartphones, wireless modules, tablets and e-books.

Product Feature
  • Compliant with RoHS3 2015/863/EU directive
  • High frequency use
  • Conformal SMD
  • Small and high capacitance value
Product Application
  • Smart phone
  • tablet PC
  • Wireless module
  • E-book