AVX Tantalum capacitor
TAJ Standard series
C case


Series : TAJ
Spec. : TAN.CAP 10U/25V C-CASE ± 10%
SIZE: L:6mm W:3.2mm H:2.6mm
Working temperature : -55°C to +125°C
Termination Style : SMT/SMD
RoHS Status : ROHS
Standard package:500PCS/REEL


TAJ (standard tantalum capacitor) is a general commercial SMD chip tantalum capacitor series.
Seven standard case sizes and low profile thin size options available.
The capacitance/voltage range: 0.10-2200μF / 2.5-50V.

Product Features
  • General purpose SMD chip tantalum capacitor series
  • Total 17 sizes, including standard and low-profile sizes, down to 1mm height
  • Low profile case sizes available
  • capacitance/voltage range:0.10-2200μF / 2.5-50V.

Product Application
  • General low power DC/DC and LDO
  • Entertainment/ infotainment
  • Design with height restrictions